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In the current uncertain economic climate one thing is still certain - the Internet continues to offer the possibility of a realistic income. You won't find "get rich quick" schemes or Multi-Level marketing (Pyramid) programs here - just quality products, tested by us, which WILL bring you profit if used correctly. There IS money to be made out there, but there are also pitfalls, scam merchants, fake gurus and general snake-oil salesmen. Read on, and find out what wheat we've managed to sort from the piles of, well, chaff...

(Please note - as the name of the site suggests, we'll be updating the site regularly when we find other products worth considering . Add us to your favourites now!).

The Profitlance Course


ProfitLance Course


The ProfitLance Course, By Mike Andrews, is simply essential to your online business start up. Not just an e-book, this is a fully-fledged Internet Marketing Course, contained in an online members' area, constantly updated. Mike provides you with the tools to carry out research, projects to complete, pre-built sites to promote, written guides to various aspects of marketing, and MUCH more. Not a "one-track" method, this course will train you to realise income using a number of different techniques. The best thing about ther ProfitLance Course is that while you're learning, you're earning! To be honest, We've only given this five stars because we don't do six!


       1.      Contains easy to follow instruction – no Internet or Marketing experience necessary.

2.      LIVE affiliate websites included – no hosting fees required.

3.      FULL explanation of how to maintain an income from Adsense.

4.      Constantly updated with new tools, guides and information.

5.      Private members blog.

6.      Website templates, PLR articles and many other resources to use in your own business


1.       Over 50 video tutorials – just follow Mike as he demonstrates how to bring your projects to life!

2.       Dozens of Adsense-ready sites – plug in your ID and promote!

3.       Full Affiliate Marketing Training.

4.       Search Engine Optimisation – What is it, Why do it and How to implement it.

5.       Masses of downloads – ebooks, templates, software, etc.

6.       NO further items to purchase – will work as is!

As we said above, the ProfitLance Course is ESSENTIAL if you're looking to make money online. No empty promises - you won't be buying that Ferrari next week - but a solid education in Internet Marketing which will give you a regular income for a long time. The course is a one-off purchase, with lifetime membership and upgrades. That means NO recurring billing, NO out-of-date information, and, because of its multi-disciplinary approach, NO worries about putting all your eggs in one basket. In a nutshell - BUY THIS IF YOU WANT TO BUILD AN ONLINE BUSINESS!

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Commission Blueprint


Commision Blueprint


Commision Blueprint, the work of Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, is a slightly different proposition to ProfitLance, in that it focuses on Affiliate Marketing.  What these two guys give you, though, is a step-by-step guide to picking the right product, promoting it in the right way, and spending the absolute minimum on advertising – and let's face it, low adspend = high profit! While it is purely focused on Affiliate marketing, it covers the chosen subject in incredible depth through 13 video tutorials, making it easy for you to replicate a successful campaign. We’re not hitting the same income as they display on their home page (yet!), but things are looking very good so far and the course has been an eye-opener when it comes to the workings of the affiliate market. We reckon there are about three or four tips contained here which are worth the purchase price alone! Added to that, the purchase also includes access to the (very popular) Private Members' Forum, where users share experience and advice. Commission Blueprint just misses out on a five star rating for concentrating on just one aspect of online marketing, but is still HIGHLY recommended!

Features and Bonuses:
1. Massive collection of video tutorials, where Steve and Time expalin the workings in an easy-to-follow style. Backed up with printed manuals and downloads.
2. Superb Members' forum where you can share your experience and tips with other users. Steve and Tim are regular contributors, and extremely helpful.
3. Bonus - Pre-written sales pages which WILL convert to sales - just adjust them to your needs and set them going!

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Copy N Profit


Letian Liu and Jamie Lewis DON'T want to teach you how to find a promotion campaign, do the research, and succeed through trial and error. Nope, these guys want to GIVE you proven, profitable campaigns which you can INSTANTLY apply to your chosen products and profit immediately. This is an incredible offer, and works like a charm - we're happily reaping the benefits as we type out this review. So why just third place? Well, while it's nice to see the accounts filling up 24/7, we can't help but feel as if we're somehow cheating with this. But, if these guys want to sell their expertise, who are we to argue with four figures a month profit? This product may not increase your understanding of the processes involved, but it WILL make you money, and that's why we're here, right?

Features and Bonuses:
1. NO experience required - simply follow the ten easy step-by-step video tutorials and watch the money roll in!
2. Over 35 ready to go campaigns to copy and paste - just put them up there and watch them fly!
3. All the hard work has been done - simply copy, paste, profit, repeat!

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